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www.Prevaids.org - First line messages

"First line" of AIDS prevention messages refers to the scientific, technical and logistical basic information that can not be ignored by anyone concerning HIV/AIDS ways of contamination and relevant prevention.  

Who is potentially dangerous?

EVERYBODY ! It is IMPOSSIBLE to recognize an HIV infected person. Usually first signs of AIDS come only 7 years after contamination. BUT the HIV infected patient is contagious directly after his/her contamination! Usually the infected patient become "sero-positive" ( blood test ) up to 3 months after their contamination but they are contagious just after contamination.

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Can we cure AIDS?

No! We can not. The life of HIV positive persons can just be prolonged for a few years IF they are not allergic or resistant to the new drugs and IF they follow scrupulously the very demanding treatment 's requirements.

For more information about treatment click here

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What is a dangerous practice?

BIG DANGER!!! You MUST use condom !!! (Insertive and receptive practices are dangerous! If you fear of side effects condoms when using them, click here )


NEGLICTABLE DANGER. Just a few cases in the world have been reported to be contaminated by that way. (It is recommended not to swallow genital secretions. For more details, click here )


NO DANGER (Never say that there is no possible pleasure without condom! Only idiot and sexually incompetent can say that!) For more details, click here



There are a few more dangers:

  • Only your healthy skin can have contact with genital secretions or blood (including menstruations) which are a high carrier of HIV viruses. Avoid all other contact.
  • Avoid contact between fresh wound and genital secretions or vaginal/anal mucosa membrane or extremity of penis.
  • If you or your partner has a venereal disease, you should not have sexual contact, even with condom; statistics proof that the danger of transmission is clearly higher.
  • If you have tonsillitis or bloody gums or any wound in mouth, it is better to avoid oral sex or to have oral sex only with condom.
  • Do not share sexual toys during relation. Each toy should penetrate only one of the partners and be washed carefully before new use with other partner.

For more details, click here

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When and how to stop to use condom?

If you want to stop to use condom, observe the following rules. Avoid asking too many questions about the past of your partner. Sometimes even the best partner will lie because he/she loves you and is scared to lose your love, because he/she forgot or because he/she is shy (prostitution, homosexual relations, etc). Just observe the following rules:

  1. You must be totally sure that, now and in future , your partner (and you!) does not have (& will not have!) dangerous sexual practice s with another partner.
  2. Even if you and your partner were HIV negative when you started to have your relationship, you MUST continue to use condoms during 3 months because the HIV blood test can become positive only 3 months after being infected!
  3. After 3 months , go for a HIV test together and if both of you are negative, you can stop to use condoms
  4. Each time you or your partner takes a risk with another partner, you MUST start again to use condom for 3 months or have only safe practices for 3 months. Check together after 3 months. (HIV blood test is trustable only 3 months after risky practice).

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Ripped condom.

  • If the contact between glens (red extremity of penis) and vagina & vaginal secretions was not long, the danger is negligible. Just change the ripped condom and continue your intercourse
  • If it is the skin between the glens (red extremity of penis) and the root of the penis that was in contact with vagina & vaginal secretions, no danger at all. Just change the ripped condom and continue your intercourse
  • If after male orgasm, you discover that the sperm is not in condom, the passive partner is in danger and should consider the post exposure protocol .
  • If the woman wears "intrauterine contraceptive device", click here ...



  • To prevent a condom from breaking, you must have enough lubrication from natural secretions or use a water-based lubricant Dryness creates more friction and can tear a condom.
  • You should have at least little light during intercourse to be able to see directly if the condom is ripped or not. Men should be able to tell if a condom breaks during intercourse.
  • To learn what it feels like, men can break condoms on purpose while masturbating.

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To prevent condom to break or to rip, it is recommend using lubricant. The best lubricants are aqua soluble creams ("KY", "DUO", "PLAY".) You can also use saliva BUT do NOT use Vaseline, oil; butter or any other greasy cream! Condoms become fragile in greasy environment. More details

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Post exposure protocol.

If genital secretions enter into your body (undetected ripped condom) or in case of unprotected penetration of a penis in anus or vagina, you are to consider yourself as in danger. You should consult as soon as possible a doctor with your partner: this must be done within a few hours after the accident... less than 12 hours...less than 3 if possible. After evaluation, the doctor should be able to tell you what to do in such case. The best is to go to the emergency department of a hospital because many doctors may not have the needed drugs in their home or clinic. Don't be shy with the doctor; your life is in danger. The drugs that the doctor will possibly give to you are the same kind of drugs that the infected patient take. Those drugs are also very dangerous and patient should know about!

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Where can I get condom and/or lubricant?

You can buy condoms in any pharmacy, in small or big supermarkets and in hospitals. A discrete place to find condoms at a Automatic condoms distributor machines are available in male toilets of many big supermarkets, of some bars or even of some restaurants. A condom can be used one time only. If the condom is too big, too little, too tick, etc., click here. Usually; aqua soluble creams are available near the condoms. If you feel shy, look dedicated article

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The HIV blood test.

The HIV blood test is available in nearly all public hospitals. It is +/- 200 baths in private clinics. Often, HIV test can be free and/or anonymous if you ask for it in public hospital or in dedicated NGOs. Some tests can give you the answer within 5 minutes. Remember: you must make the blood test 3 months after your last risky practice. It means that a negative HIV test is only valid 3 months after your last risky practice. For more details, click here

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More information?

simply consult a doctor!


Never forget.

The only way to be happy, kind, and safe for long term is to follow strictly traditional conjugal morality which means fidelity of both partner.

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www.Prevaird.org - Second line messages

"Second line" of AIDS prevention messages refers to messages that can only be delivered if the "first line" of HIV/AIDS messages has been delivered and received. This second line prevention messages is more focusing on reasons why people are not following the first line prevention messages. This may be relevant to psychology or culture (including religion) and may not be directly related with the specific characteristics of HIV/AIDS disease. The virtual concept of "first" and "second" lines of AIDS prevention messages may be difficult to understand. Here is one example to clarify this concept. More than 90% of Thai men are aware that they should use condoms when having casual sex or a new sexual partner. This awareness came from the first line of AIDS prevention messages delivered by the former AIDS prevention campaigns. But, some of them are not using condoms and are evoking different reasons such as afraid of impotency, less feeling, fear of partner's opinion, etc. The "second" line messages must tackle directly these reasons."

"...He knew the way to prevent HIV infection... but he became HIV positive!... Why?...What was the problem?..."


Side effects of condom?

  • Less feeling
  • Delayed orgasm
  • Impotency
  • Allergy, etc.

All these reasons are possible explanations... but usually there are partial or total solutions to minimize the side effects of condoms. For more details click here

Click here to see a poster about impotency and HIV

Click here to download an Audio clip about impotency and HIV

Click here to see a poster about side effect of condoms

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Wrong idea about security? (Often a pretext to hide a deep unspeakable fear)

  • "He/she looks healthy"...
  • "He/she is not a sex worker nor a homosexual"...
  • "He/she is from a good family/education"...
  • "He/she is a close friend since long time"...

You should read again the first line messages ! It is impossible to recognise a HIV positive person for more than seven year and even more if he/she takes specific treatment . It is not prostitution or homosexuality that gives AIDS (female homosexuality is even a privileged group concerning HIV) but unsafe/unprotected sexual practices! HIV do not take in consideration the education, the quality of the family or the friendship but the stupidity, the immaturity, the irresponsibility or even, sometimes, the maliciousness and the immorality of people to infect and kill  innocent persons all over the world. We all know there are stupid/immature/malicious or irresponsible persons everywhere, even in the best families and some can be your close friends...

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Alcohol and other drugs?

  • Loss of control of both: the good and bad willing.
  • Too strong stimulation for desire.
  • Unclear mind and misevaluation of danger

To have sex when taking drugs is like to drive a car when taking drugs... It is not only a problem of suicide... it is also a problem of murder!

Click here to see a poster about alcohol and HIV

Click here to see VDO clip alcohol and HIV

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Wrong confidence in partner?

  • You love him/her so much... that you do not want to hear the truth.
  • He/she loves you so much... that he/she is scared to tell you the truth.
  • You are so inadequate in your way to search the truth, that your partner was obliged to lie to you despite his/her good will

It is definitely true that it is extremely difficult for a partner who still loves you to confess that he/she had an extra conjugal relation and that he/she did not use an adequate protection. It is easier for him/her to lie or to hide his extra relation than to confess it. To read a few useful tips, click here

Click here to download a movie about confidence

Click here to see a VDO clip about confidence and HIV

Click here to hear an audio clip about confidence

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Wrong evaluation of the gravity of AIDS and HIV infection.

Each of us can evaluate the price of him/her.but not of the other!

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Stigmatisation of HIV infected persons.  

It is usually a misunderstanding or ignorance about HIV transmission which secondarily induce stigmatisation. Be careful not becoming yourself a person who stigmatises the HIV + persons. Your environment will simply hide to you the truth, even in bed! Your environment will simply stop to go for blood check... Even your friends will not try to know the truth because they will be scared about banishment... In a few years only, it is all your surrounding that will become dangerous because of deep ignorance! It is more efficient to know the facts about transmission of HIV and to deal with these facts that nobody tries to hide... You will also understand progressively that majority of HIV positive persons (especially the wives) are victims of a "hide and seek" game ...or the victims of lack of lucidity/information... or the victims of misfortune... or the victims of a criminal crook!

See a movie about links between stigmatization and contamination

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