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www.PrevAIDS.org -About transmission of hiv infection

Our body is naturally able to kill a little amount of entering HIV before the virus does have time to settle himself in specific cells and organizes the production of its progeny. It means that HIV can enter into the body without causing infection. To have an infection (which will later on give HIV seroconversion and will progress to lethal disease), a very big amount of viruses must enter into our body.

There are some viruses in saliva, in tears, in sweat... but not enough to induce an infection. The density of viruses in those secretions is really too low.

The carriers of HIV which can infect each of us are the blood (including menstruation) and the genial secretions. But even HIV infected blood or infected genital secretions are not dangerous if they are not in direct contact with one part of our body able to absorb fast enough those viruses included in infected blood or infected genital secretions.

Those parts of our body which are able to absorb high viral load when in direct contact with infected blood or infected genital secretions are:

  • The anal area and the rectum
  • The vaginal area
  • The head of the penis (glans)
  • The fresh wounds (including STD lesions)

Although genital secretions are major sources of HIV contamination, it is important to mention here that the only rubbing between the head of the penis and the mucosa of the vagina or the anus/rectum allows exchanges of blood/genital secretions and can induce HIV infection... It is particularly true for anal relation because the anus is often tighter than the vaginal entrance... this anal narrowness causes "micro lesions" on both head of penis and anal mucosa which facilitate the exchanges of blood between the two partners (“micro bleeding” -even if not eye visible- allows big amount of viruses enter into the body).

Condoms should be use in view to prevent:

  1. Direct contact between the male genital secretions (sperm) and the vaginal area or anal area/rectum.
  2. Direct contact between the head of the penis (glans) with the vaginal (or rectal) secretions.
  3. Direct mucosal contact between the head of the penis (glans) and vaginal or anal area/rectum.

There are still no statistical evidences that mouth can absorb a large amount of viruses capable and induce HIV infection. Only a few cases in the world have been reported as HIV contaminated through oral sex. However, medical studies related to this matter are still unable to produce an average of risk of contamination (mainly because extremely little).

There are statistical evidences which prove that normal skin is unable to absorb enough viruses to cause HIV infection. Healthy skin is well recognized as an efficient barrier against HIV

There are statistic evidences that "fresh wounds" (including accidental exposure of surgeons and skin disease's lesions and "sexually transmissible disease's lesions") in contact with HIV infected blood or genital secretions can transmit HIV infection.

There are ways to transmit the HIV infection which are NOT connected to sexuality and we suggest you to visit dedicated websites on this issue BUT:

  • There are statistical evidences proving that needles previously used by infected persons and re utilized are able to transmit HIV infection.
  • There are statistical evidences proving that mosquito's bites are unable to transmit HIV infection.
  • There are statistical evidences proving that the breast milk of infected women can pass HIV infection to the babies thought breast feeding.
  • There are statistical evidences proving that infected pregnant women can transmit HIV infection to their babies mainly during the delivery process.



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