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"Spouse" is a emotional movie (7'17'') presenting a frequently met and dramatic true story:
A "nice" loving husband becomes the "killer" of his wife because he was unable to confess to her at the right time that he had casual extra- conjugal intercourses. He loved her so much that he was afraid of her reaction. He loved her so much that he was scared to hurt her. He loved her so much that he never had condom with him as he thought that he could be a faithful husband.
His wife was the first one to get the AIDS symptoms and she died before him in cruel conditions.
His plea is to alert other wives about intra-conjugal HIV contamination, but also to tell them to be more skilful and vigilant (than his wife) in their relation with their loving husbands…

The context of this video clip emphases on the following leading ideas:
- Any husband, even the most "loving" one, can be a great danger if he had some unprotected extra-conjugal intercourses.
- Not only "crooks " and "cynical" husbands are dangerous.
- Wives should be more "skilful" to know the truth. Her love can be her worse "enemy" if she ignores the reality of life.

A few other subsidiary ideas are also indirectly suggested:
- The availability of antiretroviral (ARV) treatments is definitely not a reason to be less careful. ARV treatments are not curative and are associated with highly handicapping constraints and side effects.
- Stigmas, which the society associates with HIV/AIDS disease, have a very large range of cruel consequences.
- Post exposure imposes "post exposure rules and actions", including HIV blood test.
The ambition of the movie is to clearly demonstrate that any husband, any wife and any loving couple can be involved in such tragedy if both partners are not fully aware of the danger of intra-conjugal HIV contamination.
The problem here is not so much related to the nature of the HIV virus, but more emphasizing on the nature of love and human being.


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