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www.PrevAIDS.org - About homosexuality and HIV

  • In the western world, the group of the male homosexuals was the first to be severely affected by the HIV pandemic.
  • Contrarily, the group of female homosexuals is still nearly NOT affected by the HIV pandemic.
  • Male bisexuals are also more affected than heterosexuals in the western world.

If female homosexuality is a protection factor, male homosexuality is clearly a risk factor. The reasons are simple to understand:

  1. Multi-partner habits. The average of different partners for each male homosexual who decides to assume his sexual marginality is clearly higher that the average of different partners for each male heterosexual. It is particularly true in the industrial society; and in the post industrial society because in these groups, facilities to satisfy sexual marginalities are more organized (bars, meeting points, sauna, etc.).
  2. Anal intercourses : It is quite common in the world of male homosexuals to practice one of the most dangerous sexual act considering HIV transmission : the sodomy (anal penetration by a penis).

It is not homosexuality by itself which is dangerous since heterosexuality can also include multiple partners and anal intercourses. But in fact, statistics proof that the male homosexuals use and abuse more of such dangerous practices than heterosexuals.


ATTENTION!!! The receptive anal intercourse is the most difficult act to confess for men in nearlyall groups and subgroupsof nearly all societies... Usually the wife or girlfriend will be the last one to be informed despite her strategies to know the truth! Even insertive anal practice with other males will rarely be confessed. Only a few post industrial subgroups (as intellectuals or travesties) are able to speak freely about themselves without lying on that topic. To be practical, if you as a woman discovers that your partner is particularly sensitive in his anal area or/and observes some medical indicators in his anal area (herpes, condyloma, large sphincter...) of possible receptive intercourses, you should act with extreme tact and cleverness to know if there is a danger or not concerning HIV contamination. WOMAN SHOULD KNOW that a man who loves anal receptive relation is rarely effeminate. Often he even loves to present himself as very virile and exhibits signs of strong masculinity like military clothes, violent sport, rude language, seduction of ladies (he can love heterosexual practice of course), homophobic words, etc. Never forget that unprotected receptive anal intercourse is the most dangerous sexual practice considering HIV transmission.

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