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"Audio-posters" (up to 3 minutes)


- short audio clip primarily to be use as a "advertizing" for radio broadcasting, but can be used to induce discutions in classroom or in counseling process.



Messages : The "audio-posters" are suppose to deliver one or many "2nd lines messages" in short time (like a commercial advertizing).


  • "Afraid to hurt" tell about the danger induced by shyness, scares, intraconjugal kindness...
  • "Condidence" tell about the danger induced by confidence
  • "Alcohol & Homosexuality": tell about the danger induced by shyness, alcohol, hided homosexuality...
  • "Afraid of her questions" tell about difficulties to speak about extraconjugal affairs....
  • "Fixed breakdown" : tell about link between condom and impotence...
  • "Murder" : tell about links between ethic duties and HIV
  • "Unspeakable topic " insist on the fact that we can never be totally sure that the partner say everything about his dangerous past.
  • Etc..














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