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The site is mentioning and describing some common and marginal sexual practices. It does not mean or implicate that we encourage or promote any kind of sexual practices. We just feel that it would be a complete non sense to use here metaphoric language since any surfer can easily reach any other "sex oriented" website.

Our language is always explicit and often illustrated by drawings. But our very clear illustrations are voluntarily schematic and deprived of any erotic or pornographic content.

Our first and single target is to be efficient in the war against HIV / AIDS... We do encourage parents to allow access to this website to their children. Learning about HIV/AIDS can be a life saving process.


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This website is ONLY dedicated to the prevention of HIV / AIDS sexual contamination.There are other ways to be infected by HIV / AIDS. If you want to know more about HIV contamination by injections (needles sharing-drugs), by breast feeding, by delivery procedures, by blood transfusions, by professional accidents, etc. please surf to other websites more related to your demands.