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www.PrevAIDS.org - About AIDS and religion

 The modernity (and legislations in western world) tends to say that sexual practices without violence are out of the field of morality... If no abuse, no provocation, no violence, no rupture of contract, there is no reason to try to criminalize any sexual act...

Many religions teach that sexuality should be maintained in the field of morality. Their arguments are theological (strict lecture of some religious texts) and sociologic (usually, the fear that frees sexuality will dislocate families and weaken women and children in the countries where women and children without father are not protected like in the rich countries). Those religions usually teach that only sexual practices which target fecundation are not a moral question... All other practice such as homosexuality, masturbation... and also sexuality with condom or contraceptive pills are to be considered as questions related to morality. To maintain an act in the moral field, it is a necessity to forbidden ("criminalize") by moral religious or civil laws that act... Any illicit act become admit or even support by morality if personal consciousness accept or command to overdraw the law in some specifically contexts.

In the other hand all religions are unanimous to consider that one of the most severe sin is to kill a person (including yourself), and we know that condom is a way to avoid HIV contamination... including your own contamination.

Usually the mature perception of religion imposes the use of the consciousness to take final decisions when there is some contradiction between religious laws. And often the answer of personal consciousness is easy to find because to choice avoiding the worse sin is usually easy... A Christian will for instance remember that Jesus was admitting the Shabbat law (forbidden to work on Saturday) as a good law for his society. But Jesus was working sometimes on the Saturday when considering that other targets where more important than the Shabbat law... (It is interesting to note here that Jesus never tried to abolish the Shabbat law... but just put it in the right perspective!)



Some religions explicitly condemn the use of condom. But ALL those religions are more severe about murder and suicide. Religions say that you can never take the risk of killing anyone.… You have to be mature and coherent. If you do not want to use condom because of religion, then you should also refuse sexual intercourses if there is any “life threatening” for you or your partner. It is a crime to initiate a sexual relation without condom if you are not sure of the status of your blood and your partner’s blood. There is no place here for a bet. For all religions, those kinds of bets are just the equivalent of murder (or suicide)! You can not accept that form of hypocrisy which uses religious pretexts to hide the main reason of the refusal to use condoms(fear of impotency, immaturity & maliciousness).

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