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20- Hiccup --- 21- Stomach Ache...


(Nothing specific for HIV patients)

Can be sign of chronic kidney failure or Ca++ increase (dehydration) or tumor (TB) or…

    • 1°- Injection of domperidone 1inj IM
    • 2°- Domperidone1-4tabs daily, + haloperidol 5mg 1-2x/day, or chlorpromazine 1-2tabs 3x/day + prednisolone 1-4tabs daily.

Stomach ache

(Nothing specific for HIV patients)

Stop diclofenac, aspirin and other NSAIDs, and be careful with prednisolone and dexamethasone.  But tramadol is not dangerous!

Give cimetidine 400mg 1tab 2-3x/day, +/- aluminum mixture 15-30cc (at bedside) for pain, +/- tramadol





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