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The 3 main causes of headache in an HIV hospice are curable diseases: CRYPTOCOCCOSIS, TOXOPLASMOSIS & CEREBRAL TB.  We have to exclude these 3 diseases before diagnosing other incurable causes of headache ( LYMPHOMA, CMV...)

Be alert if:

  • Former CRYPTO or former TOXO patient...  Headache is often the first sign of relapse.
  • No improvement with use of common pain killer
  • Other neuro signs associated (convulsion, paralysis, loss of visual acuity...)

"Show me where you have pain"

Some other indicators:

  • If also has eye pain...  CRYPTO, CMV must be ruled out first (see 19-§1-Symmetrical Neuro Protocol)
  • If chronic recurrent fever, loss of weight...  CEREBRAL TB more likely (see 31-Tuberculosis Protocol)
  • If confused or sleepy it is "PROBABLY NOT" CRYPTO
  • If acute+++, infectious signs+++, stiff neck+++, "normal meningitis" is also of course possible!  (See 19-§1-Symmetrical Neuro Protocol)
  • Any history of migraines, cluster headaches, etc suggests these possible diagnoses...  (Nothing specific for HIV patients)






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