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pxx313. A complete history of a pustular psoriasis (Nr 1 of 32 photos)

Patient when he was first admited. Click on it for next photo...

Patient was admitted in severe condition. No medical information except that the patient was TB+ (treated with HZRE). Confusing generalized skin lesions, signs of septicemia, of erythroderma(?), of a secondary bacterial infection, of secondary (or primary?) mycotic infection... possible allergy? Venereal disease possible as well (anal discharge with chancroid? or severe simplex?? or... We had to consider what we call a "generalized cochonoma" (see protocol "15-cochonoma") and we made a initial "cleaning" with dexa/genta/fluco... (+doxycyclin later to cover chlamidia/gono)

The condition improved a lot in short time...

See "26-pustular psoriasis"





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