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Note on the English translation:

- Some translators are native English speakers. You will find their names at the bottom of the translation.

- Some translations are only basic corrections of electronic translations (with "mirror test"), witch means that the English is poor... The main target is to offer a basic text which makes possible an electronic translation to other Western languages by online translators. (Google etc.)

- Often, a bilingual translation is also available for those who know some French.

- Suggestions for other and better translations are welcome (link at the bottom of the page).




- CHRISTIAN COMPASSION AND BUDDHIST COMPASSION Meaning of "compassion" is not similar in Buddhism and in Christianity.

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- KINDNESS True kindness is NOT a production of our willing.

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- RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE & ECSTASY + comment about THE "MEMORIAL" OF PASCAL Christian religious experience is not an "ecstasy" nor an "oceanic feeling "nor an "experience of the sublime" nor a "psychotic crisis".

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Is bi-religiosity possible? (About the possibility to become Christan AND Buddhist and the impossibility to become Christian and Muslim or Catholic and Protestant... (This article was published also on DIMMID.org)

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Is bi-religiosity possible? (Longer version of same article... more comlex as well...)

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