In Holland...

LENIE (ne) (en) Her name is not a name but a myth...

Lenie was working many years in the wards of the Wat Phrabatnamphu hospice. She was doing there an impressive work with an impressive personality. A few "Lenie's fans" dedicate a column of a website for her... (When reach the site, choice the Lenie's frames).

HUUB (ne)

Huub is another myth in the worl of volunteers. You can read his diary on this website but also on

Stichting lopburi nederland

A new official foundation "STCHTING LOPBURI NEDERLAND" (July 2002) try to organize volunteers working in the hospice. Target is to help hospice with concrete acts/donations. The site is also an artistic meeting points for people interest with Wat PhraBatNamPhu. Also a lot of infos, texts, photos... That site is definitively the most beautiful on the subject! (Ne & En).